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Missouri 911 Service Board
Columbia, Missouri, United States (remote)
30+ days ago
Missouri 911 Service Board
Columbia, Missouri, United States
30+ days ago
$83,333.00 - $83,333.00
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Computer Services


Cybersecurity Specialist – Missouri 911 Service Board

A safe and secure 911 system in Missouri is one of the most basic building blocks upon which our state's future rests. To assist in local and statewide 911 efforts, the Missouri 911 Service Board (MO911SB) was established on August 28, 2017. In 2019, the Missouri 911 Service Board began with an overarching goal to advance 911 systems in Missouri towards Next Generation 911. The Missouri 911 Service Board looks to expand upon the Missouri Cybersecurity Program which is built upon three main components: Intelligence, Coordination, and Outreach to focus solely on the 911 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and their advancing technology.

The Missouri 911 Service Board is seeking a Cybersecurity Specialist. This position will serve as a cybersecurity resource for the Missouri 911 Service Board, Board Committees, Missouri 911 Associations, Missouri PSAPs, public/private partners, and other 911 and Emergency Communication partners by identifying, creating, and sharing relevant and actionable cyber intelligence and information, through assessments, bulletins, briefings and/or investigative support, as well as training.  The cybersecurity specialist performs a wide range of analytical functions including research, analysis, and reporting on criminal and terrorism-related vulnerabilities, risks, and threats posed by cyber actors to the 911 infrastructure in Missouri including PSAPs and associated public/private partners. This position works in developing, supporting, and conducting statewide liaison and outreach activities as they relate specifically to Cybersecurity and protection-related threats and vulnerabilities.  The Cybersecurity Specialist will provide briefings, reports, training and educational materials to government and private sector stakeholders related to cybersecurity, protection, and vulnerabilities.

In addition to challenging work that makes a difference, the Cybersecurity Specialist will receive benefits including paid vacation and sick leave.

This is currently a federal grant-funded position. Positions funded in whole by external grants are subject to immediate termination if the grant funding ceases. If the position remains viable, in whole or in part, despite the loss of grant funds, the Board, in its discretion, may reduce the position to less than full-time. The decision to terminate or reduce a position is not grievable.

Job Description:


                    Identify and assess the training requirements of PSAPs by evaluating their weaknesses and strengths around cybersecurity profiles.

                    Research, compile, analyze, and report cybercrime, cyber terrorism, cyber-related intelligence trends, and patterns that may impact Missouri PSAPs and their operations.

                    Design annual training programs and prepare coaching plans for PSAPs and PSAP personnel around this research

                    Produce assessments, bulletins, maps, charts, and specialized reports to assist law enforcement, homeland security, government, and private sector stakeholders in supporting the security and protection of infrastructures and stakeholders

                    Translate detected cybersecurity needs into training courses and sessions that help groom PSAPs and their employees to mitigate potential threats to their infrastructure

                    Evaluate information and intelligence products from local, regional, national, and international reporting for dissemination to Missouri PSAPs

                    Identify and research intelligence needs/trends/patterns related to the Information Technology/Cybersecurity related stakeholders

                    Assist in the evaluation of new threats, applications, or tradecraft supporting the security protection of Missouri PSAPs



                    Develop and maintain relationships and liaison with local, state, federal, and private sector partners and stakeholders as related to assisting in securing and protecting 911 stakeholders' network infrastructure

                    Partner with other state, local, and federal government agency outreach, liaison, and training programs related to cybersecurity for 911.

                    Develop briefing and education materials supporting the mutual sharing of information and intelligence related to cyber security and threats including Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR).

                    Develop relationships supporting the identification and partnerships with Subject Matter Experts in the various cyber communities

                    Provide recommendations and assist in coordinating resources if a Missouri private sector’s or government agency’s networks are disabled by a cyber-attack (including web defacements, posting of personally identifiable information, DDoS and TDoS attacks, ransomware infections, social media account takeover, server breaches, Swatting, etc.)



                    Coordinate and meetings with 911 stakeholders in the government and private sector to develop procedures and policies for Cyber threat and vulnerability awareness and information sharing

                    Participate in exercises, conferences, and training supporting the development and sustainment policies and sustainment resources for individual and regional PSAP cybersecurity programs

                    Assist in the evaluation of new threats, applications, or tradecraft supporting the security protection of Missouri PSAPs

                    Participate in and/or lead conference sessions related to cyber-related protection and security.


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

                    Knowledge of open-source research and data analysis methods and techniques

                    Ability to collect, assemble, analyze, and evaluate statistics, and other pertinent information to draw logical conclusions.

                    Ability to explain complex systems and processes in a rudimentary way to share and educate on cybersecurity vulnerabilities that could be experienced by the 911 system as a whole, Individual PSAPs, and individual PSAP employees.

                    Experience working with Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)

                    Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing to a wide range and number of audiences

                    Ability to work extended hours as necessary.  

                    Knowledge in the collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence information

                    Ability to understand and follow directives, instructions, and standard operating procedures


Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

                    Experience working with Kali Linux, Python, ArcGIS Mapping, Pen Link or i2 analytical software

                    Familiar with local, state, and federal cybersecurity resources

                    Familiar with ethical hacking techniques and procedures

                    Experience working with federal, state, and local law enforcement databases

                    Knowledge of the Intelligence Cycle

                    Ability to prepare graphs, charts, tables, maps, and other illustrative devices from collected data or visual presentations

                    Ability to create training sessions, materials and policy templates to assist PSAPs and their personnel understand any cybersecurity vulnerabilities and to develop plans to prevent, react and mitigate any attacks, infections and breaches.


Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Information Security, Cybersecurity, Information Assurance, Information Systems, criminal justice, military or government intelligence agency or criminal intelligence network organization, or in a business, financial, or academic environment, compiling data, analyzing findings and writing comprehensive reports or related field; AND two or more years of professional experience in the areas of information security, cybersecurity, information assurance fields or intelligence. (Substitutions may be allowed.)

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Must pass a comprehensive background check. Must be a resident of Missouri at the time of appointment.

Job ID: 73440923

Please refer to the company's website or job descriptions to learn more about them.

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